Monthly Archives: February 2013

Good day to see the lakes

It was a near-perfect day to fly. We caught this picture of Lake Jocassee (click on the picture for full-res):

Lick Creek splits up into a bunch of little streams and pools as it gets to Lake Rabon. Usually you can’t see any of this because of the trees, but today, as we approached that area, the sun suddenly reflected off all the streams and made them show up like a CT scan. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the camera in my hand (I had a handful of airplane instead), and we weren’t entirely successful in setting that shot up again:

We have a plan and will try this again on the next sunny day we get to fly.

Hi there!

Welcome to my view of the world, as seen with my own eyes, or my camera, around the lake, from the sky, in my mind’s eye, or, occasionally, in the media.

You’re welcome to share what you find here, as long as you give me an attribution or link back here.

I try to post something about once per week. Now, on with the show…