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Creature Feature 2014 #1

I know, what took me so long? Finally, here’s the first Creature Feature of 2014.

The first thing you notice is all the pollen and tree seeds on the water:

Cormorants and Geese were on patrol in the early morning cool:

And the Herons were in on the action too, commin’ right at ya (almost):

And ducks were fueling up for the day:

And, in a more pedestrian moment, my visiting Sister spotted this little guy on the side of the road, unfortunately expired. Adult human fingers included for scale. Anyone know what sort of snake this might have been? The blue color is distinctive, but might have changed since he died.

Nature provides

I was in a store this morning gathering supplies when I remembered that I need to get some vegetable seeds to plant. It’s been too busy a year to do much, but I still wanted to grow something. So I grabbed some seeds.

Later, as I was getting ready to plant them, I realized, drat, I should have also looked for some marigold seeds. Growing marigolds in with the vegetables noticeably reduces the number of hornworms we have to pick off the tomato plants. Oh well.

But as I started to clear away last year’s marigold plants, I realized that I didn’t need to buy seeds at all.

There were plenty of seeds left on the old plants. Who knew? :)