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Creature Feature 2015 #8

I like to be out early. Is this what you’d call the crack of dawn? The clouds were certainly broken, if not cracked. (For those just joining us, you can click on the picture below to get to a higher-res version you can zoom into.)

Up at the end of the lake, I found a Heron and an Egret hanging out, and they didn’t seem to mind my hanging out there too, as long as I kept my distance (or, really, their distance).

In fact, it surprised be a bit when the Egret decided to come over to my side of the lake. Maybe she didn’t get along with the Heron…

These fawns were hanging out on the shore.

While other Herons were conducting tree-top operations.

This Eastern Phoebe was working the trees along the shore.

Ooh, make that two Eastern Phoebes.

Moving to the other end of the lake, I floated into this little backwater lagoon and, odd, I don’t remember there being a rock there…

Or two rocks … and why did that small rock seem to be pushing around the big one?