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Creature Feature 2017 #1

I finally managed to get some outdoor time (and come up with something to blog about). There are signs of spring already, although most of them are subtle, mostly auditory. The calls I hear when I step outside early in the morning are definitely about spring and territories.
Buffleheads are winter residents here, and haven’t started to move north yet (I usually don’t fly close enough to water to create that good a reflection) (as usual, click on the picture for a full-res version):

but Kingfishers and Mallards are here all year round:

A Cormarant (ID based mainly on outline and beak shape) on early morning patrol:

I went down below the dam to look around and get a different prespective on the lake:

I spotted these Geese coming in low towards the dam, over wind-rippled water the same shade of blue as the clear sky…

…where they gathered, completely ignoring the signs that warn about people not being allowed on the dam:

That blue sky makes for blue water everywhere: