There’s no real particular subject to this blog; it’s just a place for me to post about things that I find to be of interest. Hopefully you’ll also find them to be of some interest.

Some of the things that interest me are the natural world, flying and maintaining small airplanes, road cycling, calm-water kayaking, nature photography, science, and meteorology. To support doing all that, I tend computers in data centers and factories for a large multinational company, so technology is also something I’m interested in.

I’m also interested in Life, the Universe, and Everything, and our role in it. Many of the ideas I have about that are pure speculation, so I don’t necessarily believe them, but perhaps they may provide some useful perspective.

I callĀ upstate South Carolina, USA my home range, spending a lot of my free time around a small lake.

The quotes that appear under the banner above are randomly selected from a collection I’ve amassed over the years from a variety of sources.

The “Reference” section has links to other sites with useful information, like What the heck is a “corvid”?.

Why “Bluejay”? As it turns out, there’s a whole list of things about me that become very easy to explain, or that you wouldn’t even question, if you start with the assumption that I’m a small bird with a preference for the shorter-wavelength end of the spectrum. The name is descriptive, and avoids some confusion since I’m usually the only Bluejay in the room. Hey, on the Internet, no one knows you’re not a bird, right?

You can Email me directly at bluejay@wildcorvid.org.