Autumnal Equinox

The seasons are changing. It’s noticeably quieter out on the lake now as migrants are starting to migrate and everyone else is preparing for winter. I’ve seen evidence of this at my backyard feeders too.

We’ve already had the cultural end of summer (Labor Day), today is the astronomical end of summer (the equinox), and even the weather seems to be pushing towards a meteorological end of summer. Some trees are already starting to turn:

The sky was mostly overcast yesterday morning when I was out on the lake, contributing to the feeling of “fall”:

But this morning was bright sun, and some fog hanging over the North Rabon Creek (taken from US76, where I was cycling):

When I got back from taking that picture, a group of jays were squawking up a storm at the house. There was a hawk hanging around and everyone knew about it (sorry, just had the cell phone for this one):

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