Creature Feature 2013 #4

It’s been real busy out there on the lake lately, so there’s a lot to report. As usual, you can click on the pictures below to get to the full-res versions.

First up, the Osprey are having some breeding success: little one in the nest :) (not a real good picture, but something worth reporting).

A Snowy Egret shakin’ out:

One of our Turkey Vultures on patrol, looking for something to clean up:

This Hawk was being quite vocal, so I just had to start shooting [pictures].

OOO! A Dragon! …. fly, who was content to pose for me for a while. I’ll update this if I can get a positive id on exactly what type of Dragonfly this is. Update: I got a response from Rudy Mancke (noted naturalist and the one celebrity I’d actually like to meet). The dragonfly is a Blue Dasher, a common dragonfly throughout the US.

The recent rains have given us an extra foot or so of water in the lake, making it possible for me to get into more nooks, crannies, and up the creeks (but I still had my paddle). Here’s a couple of places one usually can’t get to. You can’t see them in these pictures, but I could tell there were lots of creatures around these places.

Along the way I took some video, which will end up in the sequel to “Some Of My Favorite Places on Lake Rabon”. Stay tuned.

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