Creature Feature 2013 #5

These guys (Cliff Swallows, I think) will land just about anywhere. They have a lot of nests under the Wilsontown Bridge.

Gear down, landing in the fog:

Everyone loves a parade … or, stuck in traffic:

The usual Great Blue Heron in flight:

Coming in from the lake, I decided to try going a little “macro” in the back yard. I really have no idea what these plants are, but maybe they look neat.

And, to finish off the day, almost a double rainbow (I know rainbows aren’t “creatures”, but, what the heck…). You can just about make out the track of a second rainbow above the obvious one.

2 thoughts on “Creature Feature 2013 #5

  1. Roy

    Very cool pictures. The first one ” under the Wilsontown Bridge” almost looks like a painting. The concrete makes it look a bit like brush strokes.

  2. Bluejay Post author

    A painting…. hmmm… I didn’t think of that. I was more focused on the birds, rather than the background. Good observation.
    Maybe I should try painting … nah, my Sister is the one in the family with the artistic talent.


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