Creature Feature 2015 #4

Just a couple of weeks ago I noted the little goslings floating around with their parents on the lake, little tiny things. My, how fast they grow (as usual, click on the picture to get to a higher-resolution version):

The Osprey have been busy too, with at least one in the nest:

I spotted this one as he pulled breakfast out of the lake, perhaps to feed a family:

Obligatory Great Blue Heron picture… I hadn’t seen quite as many around the lake as usual, but maybe they, like everyone else this time of year, are busy.

I don’t think ornithologists would describe this Cyanocitta cristata as a shore bird, but that’s where I saw this one:

There was evidently something there of interest:

and worth carrying off:

One more of those little places on the lake I like to hang out:

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