Creature Feature 2015 #7

Not too bad a day for pictures. Of course, I came back from the lake with 261 images in the camera. Here’s the ones that are worth anything… (As usual, you can click on the picture to get to a higher-resolution version.)

The Saturday morning boat race had just gone by, and when the lake is still and just a little bit scummy, boats will leave a trail.

I got to the northeast end of the lake in time to find a Kingfisher…. well, this is where he was:

Oh, there she goes!

Over there in that tree…

With the other Kingfisher. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten two in one picture:

All this was being watched by an Osprey. Here’s a rare picture of a wild bird coming towards the camera.

Gotta include a Heron picture. This one was keeping an eye on me from across the lake.

…while I was taking pictures of the Killdeer. With the water down a fair bit, there’s more mud flats for them to pick around in.

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