Lake Rabon Weather Laurens County, SC

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Rainbow after a shower:

Same rainbow:

Double rainbow:

Aerial view of the lake shore:

Red fox in my back yard:

Hummingbird in my front yard:

Hummingbird hanging out near the feeder:

Backyard woodpile:

My house:

Backyard birds: woodpecker and blue jay:

Backyard birds: red-winged blackbird:

Dawn at the lake:

Deer in the back yard:

Lawn mowing operations:

Snowy morning:

Icy back yard:

More ice in the back yard:

Backyard birds: red-shouldered hawk on the rain guage:

Cyclin' around the lake:

Cyclist in front of my house:

A lesson in how not to be seen:

We feed all sorts of birds: cooper's hawk:

Sunrise at the Wilsontown Rd. bridge:

Kayaker on the lake:

A secluded little corner of the lake:

Backyard birds: egret (if your backyard is a lake):

Backyard birds: great blue heron:

Backyard birds: M R Ducks:

Backyard birds: geese (radar contact, contact departure control):

North Rabon Creek arrives at the lake:

A duck, a heron, and an egret go into a lake (sounds like a bad joke):

Goose, goose, duck!

Not all the lake denizens have feathers:

Some have fur:




Seas ar gettin' rough, captn!

Dragonfly on the prowl

Backyard birds: Osprey

Backyard birds: Belted kingfisher (really, it is!)

Foggy morning on the lake

Backyard birds: killdeer

Egret and Heron flight ops

We all have 'egrets

White Ibis, a young'un

Green Heron

Bald Eagle

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