Connections, Creation

The other day I was hanging out with a friend and there was a Christian radio station playing. The music was good, but the stations tag line, something like “Music that makes you feel connected to God”, made me think. For me, it’s not so much music, but views like this (near Sugarloaf Mountain, NC, USA):

or this (mini creature feature, over Lake Hartwell, SC, USA):

that does it. This, to me, represents the direct handiwork of God, no translations, no interpretations, just the straight story of Creation.
As usual, click on the pictures for full-resolution versions.

One thought on “Connections, Creation

  1. Debbie Johnson

    I always feel close to God in nature, especially sitting at the beach and watching the waves and listening to the humans around me. However, I have learned that I can see God in so many other ways and places. I just have to be alert to what is going around me to sense God’s presence. Sometimes God just bursts in upon the scene! My daughter’s group sang a song a few years back which was written by 2 young group members. It’s the favorite of mine on that CD-called “I See You.” Here are the words-see what you think. I just had to think in a new way. :)

    I See You
    1. From the rising of the sun till the stars fill up the sky
    To an ocean I can swim or a mountain I can climb.
    The colors of the earth are pleasing to the eye
    The beauty of this world could never be denied.

    Everything around me was created by your Hand.
    We’re all just little pieces of heaven’s master plan.
    I sense Your awesome presence in all the things I do.
    Cause everywhere I look, I see you.

    2. In the miracle of birth, when a newborn baby cries.
    Through the ending of a life, when another person dies.
    Your thoughts are far beyond the boundaries of my mind.
    I’ll never understand the reasons I ask why.

    Bridge: You create us, you sustain us, and Your purpose leads us on.
    Help me see the bigger picture and Your glory that will come.

    Tag: Cause everywhere I look, I see You.
    Words and Music by Drew Jacobs and Amy Harlacher, “Only By Grace”


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