Creature Feature 2013 #2

The weather finally decided to warm up, and it was a super day to go paddle around the lake. The water level is up, so I was able to poke around in the woods and marshy areas up at the northeast end of the lake, but there was wildlife action all up and down the lake. Spring is here, no question about it. As usual, high-res images are available by clicking on the picture below.

One sure sign of spring: lots of pollen:

A local pair of Osprey use the top of the water intake structure as a nesting platform. They’re back again this year, and I was present for the changing of the guard. You can see one of ‘em down low on the nest as the other one lands. Another sure sign of Spring.

Turtles were out sunning all over the lake. I don’t think I’ve ever see this many in one place:

Cormorants were all over the place too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this many in one place:

I’ve talked before about how difficult it is to get a good picture of a Kingfisher. I caught this one with a beak-full. Dinner time!

A mystery bird. The shape makes me think of a Heron of some sort, maybe an American Bittern, but the markings don’t seem to be prominent enough. If this was a Bittern, they were probably migrating through.

This is a new one on me: a Prothonotary Warbler. All About Birds says this bird is found in southeastern wooded swamps, which is exactly where I saw this one:

Beavers have been at work, explaining all the hidden ponds up at the northeast end of the lake:

As I was leaving the northeast end of the lake, I found about a half-dozen geese between me and the main lake. I managed to talk my way out of there and avoid capture. :)

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