Take Flight 5k

I’m not much of a runner (ever watch a Blue Jay on the ground?), but I had a blast running in the Take Flight 5K at the Greenville Downtown Airport last Saturday. As mentioned in an earlier post, this was held to raise money for the community park being built at the airport, and the run was on the actual airport itself. It was a whole different perspective going down the runway on foot rather than on landing gear and wings.

As I was getting ready to exit runway 1, I noticed a lot of the runners were cutting off the corner rather than following the lead-off line. I told a course worker “I’m a pilot, I have to follow the line”.

This was billed as the flattest 5k in Greenville, and that took about 3 minutes off my typical 5k time.

I found this picture on Facebook. No, I’m not any of the good-looking ones :P .

Links to results and more here.

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